2020 will no doubt be remembered as the year that lasted a decade.

2020 turns to 2021
2020 turns to 2021

As we come to the end of the year, it seems like it’s been far longer than just a year, mainly because so much happened. As much as I pay attention to the news, I actually had to go back and look to remind myself of all that transpired.

Shelby Williams Has It All Wrong

Recently Plano City Council Member Shelby Williams posted via his City Council Facebook page an essay he called “Republican Values vs Democrat (sic) Values.” I’m not going to link to it here; if you really want to see it, it’s on his Plano City Council Facebook page. In it, he states, “Most of you, especially minorities,” would find their values better represented by Republicans, and then proceeded to explain that everything we know about Republicans are lies told by the Democratic Party “propagandists” and the media.

His essay, in which he meant to convince folks that Republican values are really…

Collin County’s government is failing the ultimate test

“One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.” — Arnold Glasow

The HBO Series “Band of Brothers,” which followed an Army unit through training and fighting in Europe during WWII, makes a point throughout to show examples of leadership — and the lack of leadership. In one episode, the highly effective leader, Major Dick Winters, has been promoted out of the company commander role, and an ineffective leader has been put in his place. As the unit is preparing to attack a…

And as Collin County goes, so will go the State of Texas

Rachel Bitecofer burst onto the political forecaster scene in early 2020 with a radical concept: “There are no swing voters.” Bitecofer, a professor at Christopher Newport University in Virginia, developed a theory that “swing voters,” people who align to one party but can be convinced to vote for another, are rare enough that they don’t have a significant impact on elections. Therefore, parties go to elections with the base of voters that they have, because they are not likely to convince voters of the other party to switch…

Acknowledging America’s colonialist past is the first step to making right our past wrongs.

A fascinating article in the Jan/Feb 2020 issue of The Atlantic really got me thinking about colonialism and our own American legacy of colonialism. The article, “The Fight to Decolonize the Museum,” by Adam Hochschild, discusses how difficult it can be to change a museum that “memorializes an ugly past.”

And the museum highlighted in this piece really needed, and still needs, to be changed, because the past that it memorialized is truly ugly: Belgium’s Royal Museum for Central Africa, a monument to the colonization and…

I want to talk about two different workers in the US. One worker is a Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher. On May 14th, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Blake Snell said he will not play this season for a reduced salary, especially because the risk of contracting the coronavirus is “just not worth it.” Snell voiced his opposition to Major League Baseball’s reported proposal of a 50–50 revenue split with the players for a coronavirus-shortened season in a video posted to social media. “Y’all gotta understand, man, for me to go — for me to take a pay cut is not…

Red to Blue: Can a Congressional Seat Be Flipped?

Collin County, like Texas overall, has been slowly turning from reliably Republican red to Purple and is on the verge of turning Democratic blue. But can Collin Democrats flip another of the three Congressional seats in the county?

This essay is second of a series looking at 2020 Collin County races, and is focused on Collin County US Congressional races. The final paper will review Collin County judicial races.

Collin County Congressional Districts

Collin County includes all or parts of three US Congressional Districts: CD3 (fully-contained within Collin County) includes all of the cities of the suburban southwest quadrant of the county: Plano, Allen…

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, both due to the need to get people back to work so we don’t fall into some new Great Depression, but also because of these right-wing group-backed protests to “open the country”, one of which took place not far from my Plano home, in downtown Frisco. Right-wingers marching around carrying long rifles and cosplaying as soldiers or militia or whatever has a way to focusing thought. And one thing I do need to be clear on: in some aspects I do agree with their sentiments: We cannot continue as we have. Folks…

A Purple County at the Tipping Point

Collin County, like Texas overall, has been slowly turning from reliably Republican red to Purple and is on the verge of turning Democratic blue. Key races in 2020 will determine if 2020 is the year Democrats are able to flip the county, and possibly Texas, or if we will have to wait another cycle.

South-West Collin County Voting, 2016 (left) vs. 2018 (right)

The above graphic shows the change over just two election cycles. The image on the left shows voting in the 2016 Presidential Election, comparing precinct by precinct votes for Clinton and Trump. By 2018, as shown by results in the Senate race of Beto O’Rourke vs…

Bernie’s endorsed Biden. But did his progressive policies really have a chance to become law?

After months of a smorgasbord of viable candidates, Democratic voters, following a tumultuous week of candidates dropping out, for about a month had only two candidates: Joe Biden, a long-time Senator and Obama’s Vice President and the standard-bearer for the moderate wing of the party, and Bernie Sanders, independent Senator from Vermont who caucuses with Democrats and has been the standard bearer for the progressive wing of the party since running against Hillary Clinton in 2016. It is a critical choice, since whoever wins the…

Jeffrey Quiggle

I wasn’t born in Texas but I got here as fast as I could. Air Force veteran. I work in the software industry. I love Hawaii and the Texas Big Bend region.

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